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A toxic disaster

The 3rd December 1981 senior lecturer Mats Hansson announces in a press announcement that amalgam is in all references a improper material to put in the teethes. He writes among other things: "Obviously we are facing a toxic disaster of huge extent" The 7th December 1981 Mats Hanson began writing a official letter to the social service in Sweden with following:

"I want to make you considerable on a health issue of extraordinary meaning. Probably are we facing a toxic disaster of a very huge extent" This announcement is based on 10 years of research in neurobiology and the effects of toxins on the nervous system. Hanson proposes following measurements: To add a investigation, freestanding from the dental polytechnics and carried out by specialists in medicine, pathology, toxicology, mercury in the environment, physiology, immunology, metallurgy and electro corrosion chemistry.

He also writes in his official letter to"seek statistic connections between teeth works and a widely spread spectra of diseases, including mental illnesses, foster damages, cancer, heart and vessel diseases, rheumatism, even skin diseases. Teeth fillings are probably one of few factors which have never been systematically investigated with references on such connections".
Finland 1988:

Many patients, which themselves in front of dentists and doctors have claimed that their symptoms must be related to dental amalgam. They have also been wrongly diagnosed and as a result of that been treated like imaginary ill. Try to count what it costs little Finland to treat mercury poisoned patients as imaginary ill! To this add the indirect cost of ability to work in forthcoming taxes. Then comes to the society's burden all the personal tragedy's and all suffering which these patients have been exposed to, that can't be counted in money.

This is how mercury treatment was 250 years ago:

Metallic mercury, which is given for pain in the intestines in doses of 100 - 500 grams, passes the intestines with almost no affect. Sometimes it can cause diarrhoea and inflammation in the mouth, even more seldom a severe even deadly poisoning, which leads to "a trip with the bodywagon" by this type of mercury treatment.

Former mercury poisoned


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