Howto install pinnacle pctv 310i in Linux fedora 6

Install the following program-rpm whit fedoras program manager=> program => add/remove program

1. gcc (4.1.1-30.x86_64 for a 64-bit system.)
2. kernel devel (2.6.18-1 x86_64)
3.kaffeine (0.8.2-5 fc x86_64)
I also installed
-Dvb Apps
vdr (1.4.4-1 fc6 x86_64)

Next go to whit your webbrowser and folow the instruktions to download a tarball containing the latest sources via the web interface.

1. Open in your favorite browser.
2. Click on the "tags" link, to display a list of the current tags
3. Click on the "tree" link on the topmost line, "tip"
4. A source tree will be shown. You will see links for "gz" and "bz2".
Click on one of these to download a tarball containing the latest revision.)

Unpack the v4l
Open a konsol as root (su and your username) and cd into the directory (ex "cd /home/yourname/Desktop/v4l-dvb-b1484f51c635")
And execute the folowing komands:
make (takes a wile!)
make inastall
perl /your v4l dir*/linux/Documentation/dvb/get_dvb_firmware Tda10046
In my case (perl /root/Desktop/v4l-dvb-540b079fc9b1/linux/Documentation/dvb/get_dvb_firmware tda10046)
next copy the extracted firmware (dvb-fe-tda10046.fw)to lib/firmware

reboot your computer!
Next start the konsol and execute the following komands!
modprobe saa7134
modprobe saa7134-dvb
You can now start kaffeine media player and scan for tv station if you want but you don't have a picture yet!
for that you ned to download som extra rpm package!
Go to and download: Server down!
And install in that order or xine-lib-extras will complain in missing dependes.

some links:

Jan-Ove Holm 21 november 2006

Edited 2017-12-12