Linux irda Tekram IR mate IR-210 dongle gprs nokia Mandrake 10.1 guide

Gå till startmenyn system-configuration-configure your computer

add your password and click ok
Click på program hantering
Clicka på installera
sök efter irda-utils....
och installera det ok.

Sök efter kppp (kdenetwork-kppp-3.2.3-19 mdk)
och installera det ok.
klicka på avsluta
klicka på system
clicka på tjänster
kryssa i irda "vid start" färdigt

Öppna en konsoll

Skriv "su" enter.
password "lösenordet" enter.
skriv "vi /etc/rc.d/init.d/irda" enter.
tryck på "c" på tangentbordet.
skriv in "modprobe ircomm-tty".
tryck på ESC.
skriv ":wq" enter För att spara i filen.

Öppna "/etc/sysconfig/irda" på samma sätt.

lägg till följande eller ändra befintlig fil så att den ser ut så här.

DEVICE=/dev/ttyS0 #port som donglen är ansluten till
DONGLE=tekram #dongle name

starta om reboot

Gå till startmenyn internet-remote-access-kppp

clicka på configure-modem-modem commands.

och vid Initialization string 2: Add lägg till AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","INTERNET"

behövs ej för Nokia 6310

Nokia 5140 do not work without it.


se your operator for passwords and number to call and maybe DNS.

for DNAFinland

Number to call *99#

Jan-Ove Holm 14 april 2005.

Linux irda Tekram IR mate IR-210 dongle gprs nokia SUSE 9.2 guide

Gå till startmenyn system-yast
add your password and click ok
Click on software
Click on install and remove software
sök efter irda
installera det

Go back to yast main page and click on system - /etc/sysconfig Editor
on the page that opened click on Hardware - IrDA - IRDA_PORT and add this /dev/ttyS0 -d tekram
if you have a tekram dongle

Go back to yast main page and click on system - Runlevel Editor -irda click on aktivate done.

Next go to YaST main page and click on Network Devices - Modem change modem to /dev/ircomm0
if it is on the first com port ttyS0

Then click on details remove init2 and insted add AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet","",0,0 click ok
click next, next click your own internet operator - new
operator name = DNAFinland
phone number for GPRS *99# next
unmark >resolv dns atomatic
And add nameserver1
And add nameserver2
click next finish ok

Now you shoud be abel to connect to the internet but your phone disconect after a vile.

You my ned to coment# a number of things in /etc/ppp/options
I commented this and it works fine for me
#lcp-echo-interval 30
#lcp-echo-failure 4
#lcp-max-configure 60
#lcp-restart 2
#idle 600

Jan-Ove Holm 12 May 2005.

Linux irda Tekram IR mate IR-210 dongle gprs nokia Debian Sarge guide

Downloaded all debian sarge testing 17-may cd:s whit bittorrrent and unpacked all of them and made 2 DVD:s out of them with jigdo.
you coud also download directly whit jigdo but that did not work well for me -slow servers! or overloaded.
I used the debian (linux26) kernel i386

Go to Applications - System tools - Synaptic package manager.
Please enter root's password click enter.
click on the Search icon.Search for irda-utils.
and install it! (click the Apply icon to install.) and follov the guide that apears.
Chose your (com port)dev/ttyS0 (=com1) or dev/ttyS1 (=com2) and your dongle = tekram!
Next search for gnome-ppp and install it whit the other programs that aperes.
I installed debian from the sarge testing DVD so i hade to change DVD to the second one.
type n wher where the installation progam asks "Do you want to configure wvdial now? [Y/n]" n enter.

Go to Applications - internet - Gnome ppp.
Add your username and passworn if none you can try whit some charter.
add phone number I use *99#.check remeber password.
click on setup change the device to /dev/ircomm0.
phonenumbers add *99#.
Init Strings remove init2 ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0 and
add AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","INTERNET" insted.
Close that tab and open a console
print su enter
add your root password
write modprobe ircomm-tty enter
then you need to add modprobe ircomm-tty to /etc/init.d/irda-utils
othervise you have to modprobe ircomm-tty evry time you reboot your computer.
write vi irda utils click enter.
then hit the I key
and print modprobe ircomm-tty
then hit esc
and print :wq enter.

Then execute thise commands

chmod +s /usr/sbin/pppd
chmod 777 /usr/bin/wvdial

Then go toApplications - System - tools users and groups.
on users tab clic on your user and click om properties - Other Groups.
In available goups click on dip and click add.
ok reboot!
and it worked for me.

I did not ned to add the dns servers this time.
DNAFinland seems to have change that.
and comment LCP-echo-interval 30 and LCP-echo-failure 4 in /etc/ppp/options

Then can you install "ircp" if you have a camera mobile phone and beam your photos to the computer.
Then open a console and write ircp -r then you have to send the file or photo one by one from your phone if it has that feature!

Jan-Ove Holm 7 june 2005