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Imagination, the doctors said about the pain

They said that I was an imaginary invalid, that it was a mental illness. They perscripted antidepressant. I took two pills. It was like I had drank a bottle of spirits. It was like I was drunk. I threw the rest of the pills, I refused to take them, refused to take antidepressive and become addictive to them.

Carina Bengs is sitting at the kitchen table in Norra Vallgrund. One year old Jeanette is Crawling around on the floor. Jenny the two year old has a flu and is asleep. The oldest son, Mats has gone to school. The morning duties are all done, also the goats have gotten theirs. The day can continue. This – that the day can continue is pretty fantastic, Carina Bangs thinks.

Even for a year ago everything looked different. Then she thought it was the end: the world was spinning and the heart was failing, the heartbeat stroke in 140, she thought the head was about to explode and the relatives acted like they were facing a dying one. But the doctors found nothing wrong with her.

They said that it was nothing and it was all imagination. They said that it was mental. They said that it was MS, Multiplies sclerosis.

They said, she says:

- Doctors science doesn’t yet know what’s causing it. We’ll have to wait and see. Go to bed they said!

She didn’t follow the doctor’s orders. She says:

- If I had been nice and followed the doctors I would have been in a mental hospital now. It happens easily she says: - The doctors find nothing wrong, no explanation. They say that it’s mental and gives you antidepressant. I wonder how many who are in mental hospitals and are drugged today who suffers from mercury poisoning.

She is convinced that for her it was about negative effects of oral amalgam, of electrical currents and disorders. Because now, she says, now it’s no when she no longer has amalgam fillings in her mouth she has no more symptoms!

By all means, if I’ve kept on working from morning until late night, then I can feel a slight num, but that’s nothing compared with the past.

What is it then that has happened?

Carina Bengs tells that it all started six years ago. She had husband and children and was building a house. She felt num and tiredness. She went to see doctors. This were her symptoms:

Muscular tensions, bad memory, pain in the eyes, pressure in the head, singing in ears, irregular heart activity, stomach problems, problems to express herself, the brain was like it was locked.

23 doctors in six years

She started to go from doctor to doctor. They took tests. Heart images and brain images and lumbar puncture.

Nothing seemed to be wrong.

Didn’t it then have to be imagination or mental illness?

The doctors thought so and per scripted antidepressives. Carina Bengs made a desition:

This that I was mentally ill – No! Every time thay came to that I went to a new doctor.

For six years she has been to 23 different doctors – from eye doctors to neurosurgeons and teeth specialists.

Twice has her husband driven her to the E.R, twice with ambulance.

Often it has been irritating.

I see double, I said to the doctors. You can’t, he said. It’s simply impossible. You can’t see double. But I saw double Carina says.

She had throat problems and the hair like faded, the strays splitted and she lost hair when combed it. She took life one hour at a time and thought she saw no future,some next day.

About then a year ago, when she was pregnant with Jeanette, she read in the newspaper about Connective tissue massage, which were available in Böle,Smedsby. She contacted Eva Sandqvist. They began with the muscles which were hard and featertightened. They softened and one day the masseuse wondered if problems could be caused of the fillings in her mouth.

Carina remembers:

- I thought, that how could it go from the teeth to the heart and even to the toes. Then I read in the paper about dental amalgam.

She gave birth to her daughter too early and let for (25USD) measure tensions and currentsin her mouth. Everything was over the normal levels. She came home with the paper and showes it to her husband – even he who also had been wondering if it was a mental problem. He saw the paper. Carina remembers:

Now I understand why you’ve been ill he said. He’d know stuff like that because he’s a electrician, a fitter. He knows the basics about electricity.

- From the neurosurgeon in Vasa came a note that she should come in for control:

- I had got a time. I called there to cancel it, because I knew what was wrong with me. The nurse I talked to said “you have to talk to the doctor to cancel it”. I did it. I said that I suffer from dental amalgam. What’s that he said! He said that I was wrong that I had MS, MS, MS. I asked if the tests showed that. No, he said, not the tests bur the symptoms. He said he couldn’t force me to come and I answered with: I’ll go change my fillings first and then I’ll return.

Toxic Scandal

In February the last filling was changed. Since then Carina Bengs has only hired her dentist. Other doctors hasn’t been needed, she says, because the symptoms have disappered. She says that for the first time in six years she now feels all right again:

- No more dizziness, no more headeach. The stomach is good and the heart too. Also the intestines.

She also made contact with other with similar problem.

A amalgam filling contains about 50 – 60 percent mercury. Where does it disappere? They say that to pregnant, not to eat fish that contains mercury, then how about the fillings. I belive, Carina Bengs says, that the amalgam fillings are a huge toxic scandal.

- Doesn’t it have to happen anything, when it com ten times current from the central?

- Does one know that mercury damages nervstrains, does one know where the mercury goes?

Humbug and trickery

Many people claims that fillingexchange is humbug and trickery – that it’s a wastefulness of money to exchange amalgam for plastic, that there is no instance for the connection.

They who suffered says otherwise, Carina Bengs says, she has no profitintressts in the plastic -filling industry and says:

Main thing is that the person who is ill gets well.

They also claims that, these symptoms is a first acute fall into MS, that the independent would have gone from the” well” symptomfree period can last up to ten or twenty years, that it then returns?

Carina Bengs doesn’t belive in MS, she belives in dental amalgam or amalgampoisoning, but she says:

- MS, in ten or twenty years. Maybe…if it comes it comes, but I’m healthy now at least.

Carina Bengs is now 24 years old now.


VBL February 1985

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