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Carina´s and Elisabeth´s Amalgampage

On this page there is information about dental amalgam poisoning and other effect caused by amalgam. Amalgam in teeth?s leads to severe diseases and misery.

Our Three Amalgam Wars

Written by Elisabeth Kjellman and Carina Bengs.

Thanks to Börje Bertils for the given work and strength to help us who have suffered from mercurial poisoning. We, here in Ostrobotnia Finland have supported, helped and educated one another during this hard time we undeserved have been placed into. It has to us been a great burden since we have not received any help from Doctors on the contrary.

Many healthy people those " I know best" persons have all "known" what is wrong with us "poisoned?, and so we have not received any help from them either. One feels distressed by their lack of warmth and understanding.

Following is an account for our "Three Amalgam Wars".

The first Amalgam War

The English brothers Crowcour opened in New York in 1833 a dental practice where they used the "new" amalgam of silver and mercurial, the so called "silver fillings". The fillings where supposed to compensate gold and also be much cheaper. After a few years amalgam was declared to be an extremely bad tooth filling material witch also caused sickly changes in the mouth, and all sorts of terrible side effects.

Many American Dental Associations excommunicated unanimously the use of amalgam and in 1848 eleven dentists where excluded from the Dental Association in New York because they had neglected their patients by using amalgam.

Gradually eyes where opened, the "silver fillings" where actually a very valuable material. A frenetic research was started to ascertain the technical qualities in the different amalgams that where available at the time. All research was concentrated only on the local qualities witch then resulted in that the problems with mercurial poisoning due to tooth amalgam, was neglected by the responsible authorities and Some separate oppositional voices where silenced with resolution.

The Second Amalgam War

In the rear 1926 a German chemist Alfred Stock called out with his own warnings about using mercurial Amalgam. Stock mentioned his own experiences about mercurial poisoning. Stock was himself ill from a slowly insidious mercurial poisoning. This is a summary of all the symptoms he had:

First stage: Mental disturbances, tiredness, reduced capacity to work, irritation, swelling in the mucous membrane in the upper area of the nose cavity.

Second stage: Very high tiredness, reduced concentration, bad memory for numbers and names, irritation, capricious, the feeling of being "stupid", stopped nose with dryness, nose secretion viscous and at times bloody, singing in ears, headache (often in forehead), bleeding gums when brushing teeth, Irregular heart activity, periodical diarrhoea, had to go often to the toilet, slight trembling.

Third stage: Headache (very troublesome), dizziness, giddiness, inability to act, depression, backaches, urinating often, intestine catarrh, diarrhoea , Doge catarrh, bleeding gums, the sense of sullen galle, paradentosis, dental caries, decreased saliva excrete, laryngitis.

Gradually after moving to "Hg-free" laboratory facilities and also removing his mercurial fillings to friendlier materials, Stock was able to recover from his severe mercurial poisoning and also contribute with new important findings to research.

Unfortunately now came the second world war over Europe and under the rug where swept all trivial discussions about "capricious" people, mentally abberated politicians and statesmen, changing from fury to deep depression all probably caused by mercurial poisoning and all while" the second amalgam war" fell in forgetfulness.

The Third Amalgam War

Since the beginning of 1980 discussions have been held in Sweden about the amalgams to be or not to be. Thanks to this many mercurial poisoned persons here in Finland probably have been saved from an early death.

It was the Neurobiologist Mats Hanson, assosiate professor in physiology at Lund University in Sweden, who in 1981 started the fight against the authorities. Hanson made the following statement:

" Tooth amalgam is probably the material witch has caused the largest poison catastrophe" in our decade. Gradually he became "uncomfortable" and got sacked from his appointment, when he presented more research results about amalgam and mercurial side effects.

The Norwegian professor Dag Brune at the Joined Nordic Institute for Odontological Board of Examiners, NIOM,in Oslo Norway was forced to quit his appointment after being ?uncomfortable" due to his research about the side effects from amalgam.

Since the middle of the 1980 a very interesting radiofhysics study is in progress, about mercurial proportions in blood cloths, hut these findings and work have been partly cancelled and the study is delayed - all to big disadvantage for many very ill patients.

These are same gleanings from an enormously bigger tangle of plotting and pressure against the free research.

It is now 160 years ago since the First Amalgam War started and yet obviously fights are going on to silence, black out and keep secrets. WHY??

The latest research result witch was debated here in Finland in 200l we former mercurial poisoned cannot take seriously. Our common sense says otherwise. Researchers, Doctors, you who still totter in Your faiths read the book " Mercurial Poisoning by Tooth amalgam - a horrible risk for human brain"

By Patrick störtebecker M.D. Professor in Neurology.

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