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The new sneaking National Disease

Lets enter a new healthyer life when a new Year aproaches. You are probably many who have given up hope of sometime getting well or better. This disease which I'm about to write about doesn't involve everybody. You can probably walk around with one or another symptom without that it means that it's the new sneaking National Disease Dental Mercurypoisoning.

Here in Finland the doctor's don't yet approve this as a disease, but we who suffered it can silently watch when the amalgam still marks it's path through society. Therefor I think that we who have become healtyer shall fight on and inform people about the disease, it's to help a fellow being.

In my case these symptoms where appearing:

Blisters or bleeding gums, dry mouth, shooting pains in the teeth, pressured feeling in the throat, severe phlegm, pharynx problem, hoarseness, less shiny hair, darker hair, loss of hair, rash when suntanning, acne, easy to get bruses, fogvision, duoblevision, the rows joins when reading, deteriorated hearing, ringing noise, deteriorated smell, numbness, dissiness, memory losses, problem with concentration, numbness in the back of the head, the head felt like it was full of cotton, fumblyness, bad muscular coordintion, muscular cramps, muscular weakness, muscular eachs between the shoulders and int the back and neck. feeble, weakness, shakings, jointeach, often infections in the upper throat, uneven heartbeat, palpitation, dyspnoea, lookingpale, deeply tired, encreaseing need for sleep without the ability to sleep properly, cold hands and feet, frozeness.

When you for exampl are sick and antibiotics are given, it triggers mercury.

I didn't know what was wrongwith me, but after a tip of a person who said to me to change my fillings I thought that it's worth trying for the healths sake. I also thought of my three children's future.

So I went to a dentist and after many resultless visits and then finlally I started to get some results and got bit by bit healthyer. The symptoms disappered one by one. Slowly but safely during a period of a year.

It's now two years after my fillingexchange and my health has changed dramatically for the better. My back isn't well yet but better than before.

As it happends now is that the amalgam is fitted in the teeths of the patient and the patient gets poisoned by mercury then they demands evidence that it's the amalgam that causes the problems.

Shouldn't it be that you first prooves that the amalgam is totally safe and doesn't corrode. It have been spoken about animal testing but mankind is a larger testanaimal.

A raging debate about the suitfulness of using Mercury amalgam went on in Germany allready on the 1930s but the 2nd worldwar got between. They got other things to think about and the battle faded out.

There we are still on the same point as before and debating about the use of amalgam.

From where comes all the allergys, earchildren, MDB-children a.s.o. Does they come from that we repaired our teeth cheap when we were pregnant and the mercury ended in the placenta and the fetus reacted. It's best with the exclusion method. Change fillings and see what happends!

But spare the children from this poison.

Elisabeth Kjellman.


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